Coronavirus-Themed Robots Sanitise Chennai Streets

Coronavirus-Themed Robots Sanitise Chennai Streets

Coronavirus-inspired robots have been deployed in a containment zone in Chennai.

Coronavirus themed robots were deployed in a containment zone in Chennai on Wednesday to sanitise the area – the latest in a long line of robots that have been enlisted to aid coronavirus relief and social distancing efforts. The robots, designed to resemble the shape of the virus, were carried on a bright green three-wheeler auto which was also based on corona theme.

Gowtham, the designer of the robots said, “It can store around 30 litres of disinfectant. This is a prototype, we are building better ones.”

Photos of the robots were shared on Twitter by news agency ANI, where they created a buzz and earned a number of appreciative comments.

“Good to see,” wrote one person in the comments section. “This is brilliant, what an idea,” said another. 

In March, a police officer in Chennai had raised awareness about coronavirus by wearing a “corona helmet” to dissuade commuters from coming out on the streets during the nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile, several robots have been deployed around the world during the pandemic to deliver food, conduct health checks and disinfect places. While authorities in Singapore have enlisted a robot dog to remind people to maintain social distancing in public places, a computer engineer in Tamil Nadu amused many by building a robot to stand in queue for him.

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