Mouse vs Mouse: Incredible Pic Of Rodent Food Fight Wins Award

Mouse vs Mouse: Incredible Pic Of Rodent Food Fight Wins Award

‘Station squabble’ by Sam Rowley of UK.

The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has declared the winners of this year’s LUMIX People’s Choice Award – and the top spot at this prestigious competition was won by a photograph of two mice squabbling.

Titled ‘Station squabble’, the photo shows two mice fighting over a morsel of food at the London Underground. Sam Rowley, who captured the winning image, was so fascinated by the rodents that he spent a week trying to capture the pic, reports BBC. The fight lasted a split second before one of the mice grabbed the crumb and emerged as the winner.


Station squabble by Sam Rowley, UK

The LUMIX People’s Choice Award winners were decided through a people’s poll. Fans were asked to vote for their favourites from photos that did not win at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 competition in October.

Four other images were “highly commended”, emerging as runners-up in the LUMIX people’s poll.


Losing the fight by Aaron Gekoski, UK

‘Losing the fight’ by Aaron Gekoski shows a performance orangutan at Safari World, Bangkok. Orangutans have been used in “degrading performances” for decades, and while the shows were temporarily stopped in 2004, the shows continue today.


Spot the reindeer by Francis De Andres, Spain

Spanish photographer Francis De Andres captured this stunning shot of white arctic reindeer in the snow. The photo, titled ‘Spot the reindeer’, was clicked at the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard.


Matching outfits by Michel Zoghzoghi, Lebanon

‘Matching outfits’ by Michel Zoghzoghi, a photographer from Lebanon, shows a mother and cub jaguar holding an anaconda with a very similar pattern to their own. The picture was captured in the Pantanal, Brazil.


The surrogate mother by Martin Buzora, Canada

This touching shot of an orphaned baby black rhino looking at ranger Elias Mugambi was captured at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. Titled ‘The surrogate mother’, the image was clicked by Canadian photographer Martin Buzora.

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