Ryan Reynolds Shares Hack To Fix A Zip. It’s Viral With 13 Million Views

Ryan Reynolds Shares Hack To Fix A Broken Zip. It's Viral With 13 Million Views

Ryan Reynolds shared a video on how to fix a broken zipper.

Ever picked up your favourite jacket and realised that its zipper is broken? Or tried to get ready for work only to find that your dress won’t zip up because the slider came off? Zipper problems are minor fashion issues, but they can be massively annoying. The worst part is there seems to be no quick fix for broken zips – until now. A hack that is going viral online with 13 million views shows how one can repair a broken zip in seconds. It has even impressed Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds.

The Deadpool actor took to Twitter on Tuesday to give a shout-out to the broken zip hack. “I’ve waited my whole life for this,” he wrote while sharing the video.

The video, all of 14 seconds long, shows how to fix a broken zip slider by placing it on the middle tine of a fork and sliding the two ends of the zipper through it to fix it.

Watch the easy-peasy zip hack below:

Mr Reynolds’ tweet has collected over 1.1 million ‘likes’, with many thanking the 43-year-old for sharing the trick.

Some, however, pointed out that the hack is only a temporary fix, as the zip would just slide off again.

What do you think of this zip repairing hack? Let us know using the comments section.

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